Meet Tanner Liang: The Newest Member of the HD Tac Family


HD Tactical would like to introduce Tanner Liang, a dynamic competition shooter and the latest addition to the team. Tanner brings a unique blend of skill, experience, and enthusiasm to our brand.

Here’s the lowdown on Tanner, whose climb from a fervent gun enthusiast to a top-tier competitive marksman is as compelling as it is impressive.

Tanner stepped into the competitive shooting arena in 2021, cutting his teeth at a local Florida match dedicated to the Special Operations Foundation. More than just an entry into practical shooting competitions, this was the moment Tanner’s path was carved in the sport.

Competing shoulder-to-shoulder with friends, Tanner was humbled and inspired by the skill levels around him. This event fueled his desire to enter the world of competitive shooting. Since his first competition, Tanner has been a regular on the circuit, seizing every event as a stage for personal growth.

His philosophy transcends mere participation; it’s about the unity and mutual respect found in the heat of competition. To Tanner, each stage is more than a test of skill—it’s a battlefield where adaptability, self-comparison, and the never-ending need to improve thrive.

Tanner’s strengths lie in a lethal combination of blistering speed and surgical precision, making him a formidable opponent in any match that allows him to leverage his rapid-fire capabilities. While his speed is his greatest asset, Tanner is also aware of its pitfalls, having learned from experiences where it has both served and hindered his performance.

While Tanner’s primary focus is on handgun competitions, he is no stranger to rifle events and has participated in two gun matches. Regardless of the firearm, reliability is key for Tanner, who currently competes with a Glock 47 following a stint with an M&P.

To quote Tanner regarding firearm choices:

“Anything that’s reliable, anything that goes bang. I’ve had unreliable guns before in the past, and it’s not fun.”

Tanner’s life is not confined to the shooting range. An active-duty member of the Air Force, he serves as a crew chief for the C-130, demonstrating his commitment to discipline and excellence both in and out of uniform. At just 24 years old, Tanner’s multifaceted life is a testament to his dedication, whether it’s maintaining complex aircraft or honing his shooting skills.

Adding to his impressive profile, Tanner has achieved the rank of M-class carry optics shooter in the United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA). This distinction is a mark of his skill and dedication to the sport, placing him among the upper echelons of competitive shooters.

With several competitions on the horizon, including a local level 1 USPSA match in Holt, Florida, Tanner is focused on continuous improvement and sharing his journey with the HD Tactical community.

As he transitions from active military service, his resolve in competitive shooting remains as steadfast as ever.

HD Tactical is honored to count Tanner Liang among us. His story—one of unwavering commitment, exceptional skill, and a profound passion for competitive shooting—mirrors our own dedication to excellence.

Stay tuned to our social media for updates on Tanner’s victories and ventures as he waves the HD Tactical banner across the national competition scene.

Follow Tanner directly on IG: @tannerliang & YouTube: @tannerl.7545

And welcome aboard, Tanner. Here’s to the victories ahead, on the range and beyond.

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