The Best Rifles Available in .45-70 Government


The .45-70 Government cartridge has been around for over a century, known for its versatility and power. Rifles chambered in this caliber are highly sought after for hunting big game, including deer, elk, and even larger species like bear or bison. Here are some of the best rifles available in .45-70 Govt.

Marlin Model 1895 SBL

The Marlin Model 1895 SBL is a standout variant renowned for its rugged features and modern design. Built on the iconic lever-action platform, it boasts a durable stainless steel construction, ideal for harsh environments. With a black laminate stock and forend, it combines durability with a sleek aesthetic.

The large-loop lever facilitates smooth cycling, enhancing handling in adverse conditions. Equipped with XS Ghost Ring sights and a rail for optics, it offers versatile aiming options. Chambered in .45-70 Govt, it delivers potent stopping power for big game hunting. The Marlin 1895 SBL excels in reliability, durability, and versatility, earning favor among hunters and enthusiasts alike.

Henry Model H010 Series

The Henry Model H010 series offers robust lever-action rifles in .45-70 Govt, combining classic design with modern craftsmanship. These rifles feature steel receivers and American walnut stocks, providing durability and a traditional look. With smooth lever action, they cycle cartridges reliably from the tubular magazine.

Equipped with open sights and scope mounting options, they cater to varied shooting preferences. Known for their strength and accuracy, they excel in big game hunting, handling the potent .45-70 cartridge effectively for deer, elk, bear, and more. The Henry H010 series upholds a legacy of quality and performance, appealing to discerning shooters and collectors alike.

Winchester Model 1886 Short Rifle

The Winchester Model 1886 Short Rifle is a compact yet powerful lever-action rifle chambered in .45-70 Govt. Its solid steel receiver and hardwood stock blend durability with classic styling. With a shortened barrel length, it offers maneuverability without sacrificing performance. The lever action operates smoothly, cycling cartridges from the tubular magazine reliably.

Featuring open sights and scope mounting options, it caters to diverse shooting preferences. Known for its strength and accuracy, it’s favored for hunting big game like deer, elk, and bear. The Winchester 1886 Short Rifle continues Winchester’s legacy of quality firearms, beloved by shooters for its reliability and timeless design.

Ruger No. 1

The Ruger No. 1 is a single-shot rifle revered for its strength and precision in .45-70 Govt. Crafted with a sturdy receiver and hardwood or laminate stocks, it boasts durability and a classic appearance. Its falling block action ensures reliable performance with each shot. Equipped with open sights and scope mounting capabilities, it offers flexible aiming options.

Recognized for its robust build and accuracy, it excels in big game hunting, harnessing the .45-70 cartridge’s power for deer, elk, bear, and beyond. The Ruger No. 1 epitomizes a blend of traditional design and modern engineering, earning acclaim among discerning shooters and collectors for its performance and craftsmanship.

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