The Shadow Systems CR920 War Poet- The Perfect Carry Gun


The Shadow Systems CR920 War Poet is a stylish, intriguing choice and tool that offers unparalleled precision and reliability. This subcompact handgun is a top contender for your carry gun, especially when your life is on the line. Let’s delve into why this should be on your short list of trusted firearms.

There is a saying that holds weight in the world of firearms: Stock Rocks. Nowhere do those words ring truer than in the context of carry-concealed weapons, especially with a Glock. The 9mm family of Glocks has become the most ubiquitous handgun on the planet, and for good reason. They just plain work.

With the seemingly universal acceptance of the Glock 17, 19, 26, 34, 43, 45, and 48 as the gold standard in 9mm striker fire handguns, there is a ton of after-market support to help you customize your gun. From a base model Glock, you can get an optics-ready, milled, and machined slide, a flat face trigger with improved fire control components, a match-grade barrel, and, for god sake, a better set of sights, then add the optic of your choice, and you are ready to rock and roll. Yet, with all of these options for a purpose-built carry gun, the one drawback is these customizations often come at the cost of reliability. And that in and of itself is why you carry a Glock.

Enter Shadow Systems

Shadow Systems, established in 2016, is a Texas-based designer and manufacturer of premium firearms and firearm parts with a solid commitment to providing high-value pistols and parts that exceed customers’ expectations. A direct competitor to the world-renowned Glock, the company has positioned itself through a combination of combat veteran, former law enforcement, and competitive shooter expertise, ensuring each product meets. It surpasses the rigorous shooting and carrying requirements. A hallmark of Shadow Systems is its dedication to American manufacturing, with all products built in Plano, Texas, using in-house machined parts. This commitment extends to the comprehensive control over the production process, from slides, barrels, and triggers to internal mechanisms, allowing for unparalleled quality and reliability.

Shadow Systems has a gun for everyone at price points starting from right around $700 for the Shadow Systems Foundation line, going all the way through the Elite Series guns that fall in the $1000+ range. There is a model that fits every purpose and person.

Here is a quick look at each to give us some scale. The CR920s are in the Glock 43/48 class; the MR920s (pictured below) are compact guns like a Glock 19; the XR920 is similar to the Glock 19X with a higher capacity in a compact slide and barrel; and the DR920 is in the Glock 17 size class. Each of these is offered in the Foundation, Elite, and War Poet Family of guns.

Shadow Systems Mr920 Elite Fde

Aligning with the Warrior Poet Society

John Lovell founded the Warrior Poet Society, a values-driven organization that enhances physical protection, pursues truth, and lives with a higher purpose. His background as a former war veteran and Special Operations soldier, serving in the 2nd Ranger Battalion with numerous combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, significantly contributes to his mission and the society’s ethos.

The Warrior Poet Society offers a wide range of products and services to equip individuals with the skills and knowledge to protect themselves and others. Training courses, a significant aspect of their offerings, include pistol, rifle, specialty, and medical courses. The Society also provides content through various media, including the WPSN (Warrior Poet Society Network), YouTube, and the John Lovell Show. Lovell has also authored books, with “The Warrior Poet Way” noted among his works.

In essence, the Warrior Poet Society and John Lovell work to cultivate a community of individuals committed to living with purpose, protecting with skill, and leading with wisdom. Through training, media content, partnerships, and community engagement, they strive to make a positive impact, encouraging their audience to train smart, live purposefully, and protect effectively.

Shadow Systems War Poet Guns: A Culmination of Tactical Meets Practical

The Warrior Poet Society and Shadow Systems have teamed up to develop the War Poet line of guns. Built to John’s preferred specs and with the innovation and reliability Shadow Systems is known for, the War Poet series of guns is at home on the range, in competition, as a duty gun, and in a life-saving situation.

Shadow Systems Cr920 Combat

Each War Poet gun comes with slide machining and grip texturing built to John’s preference. Both the slide and grip have aggressive texture to help with solid purchase on the gun and easily manipulatable controls. A press check on a War Poet is easy with front and rear slide serrations, even with an optic mounted. They all come with a tritium front sight, blacked-out rear sight, match grade barrel, flat face trigger, best-in-class optics cut, and wrap-around grip texture. The MR and DR come with replaceable backstraps, although Shadow Systems is renowned for the 1911-like grip angle.

Why the CR920 War Poet is Different

The Shadow Systems CR920 War Poet has all the customizations you might have wanted for your Glock 43 without the compromised reliability that often comes with a mismatch of parts. This ultra-compact, outstandingly reliable, practically customized, and, let’s face it, super cool-looking gun punches far above its weight class in terms of price and shootability.

The CR920 War Poet is a joy to carry. It has a 3.41-inch stainless steel barrel and weighs a svelt 17.8 ounces. With an overall length of  6.37 inches, width of 1.05 inches, and height of 4.27 inches (with a flush mag) or 4.79 inches with extended mags, it is a smaller gun overall than the Glock 43 and Smith & Wesson Shield and just slightly bigger than the category-defining SIG P365.

The subcompact War Poet is Optics ready or can be had with a factory-mounted Holosun 507C. The Holosun 507C is arguably the best optic on the planet in its class for both size and reliability. This is John’s choice for EDC, but if your opinion differs, any other optic can be mounted directly to the slide. This is possible because of Shadow Systems’ patented fire control system. Even better is that the standard sights on a CR920 War Poet can be co-witnessed with this patented optics mounting system. If this alone doesn’t make your decision on getting this gun, we don’t know what will.

The 1911-style grip angle on the CR920 War Poet is not adjustable, which is different from the other War Poet guns. Ultimately, the grip tolerances and size are too small to use this feature. This is for a good reason, though: capacity. With a 10+1 flush-fit magazine and a 12+1 extended magazine coming stock with the CR920 War Poet, you’re carrying 24 rounds of 9mm on your person if SHTF. This round count is best in class.

That round count is also a downside in one way. The CR920 War Poet has proprietary magazines, meaning a stock Glock mag or anything with that pattern will not fit this gun. Hopefully, your everyday carry gun doesn’t end up in a prolonged firefight situation. Twenty-four 9mm rounds should get most people through whatever has to happen with their carry gun.

The Pros and Cons of the Shadow Systems CR920 War Poet are simple. The cons are the exclusive use of the stock magazines and the noncustomizable grip. That’s it. Pros: Custom features like highly machined slide, steel guide rod, single operating spring, directly mounted optics, high round capacity, Tritium front sight with blacked out rear that can be co-witnessed, flat face trigger, aggressive grip and frame texture, in a truly compact size ultra-reliable EDC gun.

Can you get all of this by customizing your Glock?

Maybe reliability will always be suspect.

Can you get all these features in a reliable carry gun with a best-in-class optic for around $1200?

Probably only in the Shadow Systems CR920 War Poet. Oh, and it looks the part, too.

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