Reverting Your AR-15 Out of California Compliance


For those who previously lived in California or acquired an AR-15 that was modified to comply with California’s firearm laws, here’s a guide to reverting it to a standard configuration, applicable in states with more lenient gun laws.

Key Steps for Reversion:

  1. Remove the Mag Lock: Disassemble and remove the California-compliant magazine lock. This reinstates the ability to use a standard magazine release button.
  2. Upgrade Magazines: Replace California-limited magazines with standard capacity magazines, such as 30-round versions, where permitted by law. This enhancement allows for more extended shooting sessions without frequent reloads.
  3. Install a Standard Pistol Grip: Replace any featureless grips with a traditional pistol grip that extends conspicuously below the action. This grip style is more ergonomic but not compliant with California’s regulations.
  4. Add a Flash Hider: If you’re in a state that allows it, attaching a flash hider can help mitigate muzzle flash, a feature often restricted under California law.
  5. Unlock Folding Stock: If your rifle has a locked folding stock due to California compliance, you can unlock it to regain the stock’s full functionality, allowing for easier storage and transport.

Note: Always ensure that any modifications you make are in full compliance with the laws of your current state of residence. Each state has unique regulations regarding firearms, and it’s crucial to stay informed and lawful in your modifications.

Step-by-Step Guide to Remove a California Compliant Bullet Button

Parts & Tools Needed:

  1. Replacement button and new spring.
  2. Steel punch (or a non-marring tool).
  3. Tool with a fork-like end (optional for easier handling).


  1. Prepare Your Work Area:
    • Ensure the firearm is unloaded and safe to work on.
    • Have your replacement parts and tools ready.
  2. Remove the Existing Bullet Button:
    • Locate the castle nut inside the magazine well. It’s a small component that the bullet button screws into.
    • Use the fork-like tool or a thin punch to grab the castle nut. Rotate it to unscrew and remove it.
    • Once the castle nut is out, the bullet button and spring will be loose. Remove them from the rifle.
  3. Install the New Spring and Button:
    • Place the new spring into the magazine well where the old one was located.
    • Insert the new button. Make sure the side with grooves faces outwards.
    • Screw the button in place, applying gentle pressure to overcome the spring tension. Be careful not to scratch any surfaces.
  4. Final Adjustments:
    • Once the new button is in place, ensure it’s tight and secure.
    • Check that the button and the screw portion are flush and properly aligned.
    • Test the functionality by inserting and ejecting a magazine to ensure it operates smoothly.
  5. Completion:
    • Your rifle is now equipped with the new button and is no longer compliant with California’s bullet button requirement.
    • Clean your work area and store your tools.


  • Always follow safe firearm handling practices.
  • Ensure your rifle is legal and compliant with your local laws after modification.
  • If you’re unsure about any steps, consult a professional gunsmith.

AR-15 CA Compliant Hellfighter Fast Mag Change Kit by Juggernaut Tactical

The Juggernaut Tactical Hellfighter Mod Kit offers a specialized solution for AR-15 and AR-10 rifle owners in California. This kit, crafted to comply with California’s stringent firearm regulations, enhances the functionality of these rifles without compromising on legal requirements.

Essential Aspects:

  • The kit significantly accelerates magazine changes, a crucial feature for efficient operation.
  • Installation is straightforward, designed to be completed swiftly without extensive technical skills.
  • It allows owners to keep their rifle’s existing features, like adjustable stocks and grips, in place.
  • The design specifically addresses California’s laws, negating the need for less functional, featureless components or traditional bullet buttons.
  • Compatibility is broad, fitting any AR-15 model, and it’s available in multiple finishes.

Specific Usage: This kit is a tailored solution for California residents, providing a legal alternative to modify AR-15s and AR-10s while maintaining their standard features. For rifle owners outside California, where firearm laws are less restrictive, this specific modification isn’t necessary.

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